1966 Riva Aquarama Super hull#125

When in 1965 Carlo Riva decided to power his boats with Crusader Marine engines, Calvin Connell the owner of Crusader Marine ordered a Aquarama Super to be shipped to the US without engines. This boat was to become hull#125, built with several modifications to meet the owners demands.

The pair of Crusader engines with 400 hp. each fitted in the US, were of a different configuration then the standard 320 hp. engines for the Aquarama Super, and made #125 the most powerfull wooden Riva ever built. After changing hands several times over 40 years, #125 then named "Charlotte" came into possession of the current owner. Charlotte was lucky to survive a Florida hurrincane in 2004 when she sustained serious damage from a building falling down on her.

In february 2006 Riva-World started a complete restoration back to original specifications. Many modifications done in the past had to be corrected and both Carlo Riva and Calvin Connell were very helpfull in providing us with original production information unique to #125. Parts that were no longer available were custom made as the owner demanded an all original boat.

The result was a very high quality restoration of a unique Riva, that performs like Cal intended, 89 km/h on choppy waters. Cal and #125 were reunited after more then 40 years at the Tavares boat show in March 2008, where she received a very warm welcome back to the US.

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1972 Riva Aquarama Special hull#534
1966 Riva Aquarama Super hull#125
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